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Participation Eligibility

  • To participate to any Eastern Canada Gravel Cup Events:


  • Participants will not be considered registered for an event until the following administrative requirements have been completed:

    • In-Person Sign-in has been done

    • Payment has been made

    • Waiver has been signed

  • Participants with NO OCA (or UCI recognized) racing licenses are still eligible to participate in the Eastern Canada Gravel Cup events, but the OCA reserves the right to limit anyone to a maximum of 3 day permits per year. Therefore it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get at minimum an OCA Citizens Permit

Rules and Recommendations


  • Cell phone strongly recommended for emergency purposes. Due to remoteness of the courses, cell phone service is spotty.

  • All events are 100% self-supported.  Riders must ensure to have spare tubes, pump/CO2 canisters, nutrition and hydration.

  • Course will be adequately signed but it’s the riders primary responsibility to know the course.  We recommend the use of navigation devices such as Garmin/Wahoo etc.

  • All Riders MUST follow the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. The roads are open to other users. All traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and staying to the right, apply to all riders at all times. Any rider who disobeys their instructions will be immediately removed from the event.

  • Approved helmets will be mandatory for the event.

  • Drop bar bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, fixies, tandems are all allowed.  However, we strongly recommend tires of 32mm or greater in width as they will offer better traction, puncture protection and a more comfortable ride.

Safety Notes

  • Riding with a partner of similar ability is strongly recommended. Riders should either arrange this prior to the event or stick together in a group of similar ability as the event develops.

  • In the case of a severe injury, participants should call 911 immediately. If a cell phone signal is unavailable go to the nearest residence and ask to use their landline. The local residents are extremely friendly, usually home and will absolutely help. Ideally someone would stay with the injured participant while another goes to a residence, however the primary goal is to get an ambulance on scene asap and participants should not hesitate to do so.

  • The courses have been designed with safety in mind. The roads are lightly traveled and cross very few busy roads. Participants will be informed of all points where traffic may be a concern.

Other Notes

  • Event staff will provide contact numbers for emergencies 

  • There will be a minimum of 3 vehicles available to pick up riders who can't continue but don't require emergency help

  • First Aid will be on-site​

  • Team Rules

  • minimum 4, maximum of 6 riders

  • all must do the same course, riding and finishing together

  • there is no competitive aspect, only comradery and friendship for both the long and short courses

  • there's no series team signup. Riders may compete as individuals at other Gravel Cup events

Event Points

  • Points will be awarded to every finisher as per the Points Schedule below

  • Starting at the Lanark-Liège event, the current points leader will wear the series leader's yellow jersey awarded at the previous event

  • The 1st place finisher of the Lanark-Liège event will be awarded the National Gravel Champion's jersey

  • Every finisher of the competitive event will be awarded points and will be eligible to compete for the leader's jersey

  • The tie-breaker will be decided based on the most current finishing result.

  • Team participants are not eligible for Gravel Cup points